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What Is Cannabis SEO?

In the competitive cannabis market, you need to stand out to succeed. Our agency specializes in SEO services for cannabis-based businesses. In this day and age, customers research online before they make a purchase. So, even if your end goal is to increase foot traffic in your local store, you need to be visible on the web.

Google and other search engines use bots to crawl the web. They index page after page on the web. Then, they use algorithms to analyze how they’ll rank those pages.

Google’s goal is to rank the most authoritative pages at the top. Your goal is to beat the algorithm and be deemed important enough to rank high. Because more traffic on your site means more sales.



Why SEO Is So Important For Your Marijuana Dispensary

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More Store Traffic

By showing up at the top of Google search results and in the Google Maps sections, you'll see a lot more customers coming to your store.

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More Sales

Now that people can find your dispensary online and on Google Maps, you'll start seeing an increase in sales month over month.

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Outrank The Competition

Want to be the #1 dispensary in your city? The best way to do that is to dominate Google and stay ahead of your competition - all the time.


Ready to start dominating Google?

How Cannabis SEO Can Grow Your Business

If you have superb herb but you’re still not seeing the traffic you want, it’s because no one knows about you. Even the best bud won’t sell itself. If customers can’t find you online, they can’t and won’t buy from you. Your chance of being found without a solid SEO ranking is slim. Only if customers already know your website will they visit. But how can they visit it if they don’t know it? That’s where SEO or search engine optimization comes in. With the recent legalization of marijuana for recreational use and the growing popularity of CBD products, cannabis websites are taking over the internet. SEO makes sure your site doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.


SEO Analysis

We start with an in-depth audit of your site.

Checking your meta descriptions, title tags, and headers will give us a thorough idea of how your site is performing. We’ll pay special attention to your local SEO to see how you stack up next to the competition.

We’ll check your technical SEO by dissecting your site’s code. Plus, we’ll check your site’s speed, the friendliness of the interface, and a host of other factors that affect site traffic. Then, we’ll research your niche to see where your site needs to be to outrank your competitors.

A Custom Plan

Once we’ve completed our analysis, we’ll come up with a custom strategy to launch your business into the big leagues. Your business is unique and your plan should be, too. We’ll explain in detail what we recommend, why we recommend it, and how we can help. You’ll get a detailed quote so you know exactly where your money is going if you choose to use our services.

You’ll get a detailed quote so you know exactly where your money is going if you choose to use our services.


Why Choose Blaze More As Your SEO Agency

At Blaze More, we’re committed to helping small businesses succeed. We assist each of our clients in 4 key areas.

Blaze More SEO Keyword Research

Keyword Research

SEO is all about the keywords. By knowing and using these keywords in your online content, you automatically show up in user’s keyword searches. The stronger your SEO, the higher you rank in search results. Our goal for all our clients is to show up on the very first page of search results.

Because 92% of searchers NEVER go past the first page of results.

We’ll get inside your target group’s minds and dissect how they think, so we can figure out how they search. Once we find the top performing keywords, we’ll use them to increase your ranking. Then page by page, we’ll enrich your site with optimized keywords.

SEO Monitoring

Once you’re ranked and going strong, we won’t leave it there. We’ll track your success so we can guage the effectiveness of your SEO campaign. By monitoring key metrics, conversion rates, bounce rates, and traffic, we’ll know what’s working and what’s not.

When we take on a client, we invest in their success. We’ll stay on top of the ever-changing cannabis SEO and keep an eye on your competitors. To keep the traffic coming in, you have to keep producing optimized content. So, we’ll help you keep your content fresh and new. And, we know that with success comes expansion. So if you ever want to expand your business, we can help you modify your SEO to suit your new market.

Blaze More SEO Monitoring
Blaze More Link Building

Link Building

Web crawlers get around via links, so backlinks and internal links are vital to SEO. But, just adding random links won’t cut it. At Blaze More, we know it’s about the quality of the links as much as the quantity. So, we’ll find relevant, trustworthy links that elevate the authority of your site. We also help our clients get listed on local cannabis directories.

SEO Content Strategy

Last, we’ll take all our research and apply it by helping you craft compelling content. Keyword stuffing is a quick way to get red-flagged by Google. So, optimizing your content is about more than just using the right words and inserting a few links. You have to tie it all together in such a way that users love to visit your site. And lucky for you, we’re experts at creating SEO content that converts. We’ll help you create content that helps you stand above your competitors.

Blaze More SEO Content Strategy

Ready to dominate Google and your competition?