Build an engaged & loyal cannabis community with our Social Media Marketing Services

Social media has been transformed from its simple beginnings of sharing views and images to an extremely valuable marketing tool to help businesses reach the customer base that they are after. Using social media platforms to help your cannabis company stand out from competitors can be the difference needed for your brand to grow and thrive.

Benefits of Bold and Strategic Social Media Marketing for Your Cannabis Business

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Gain a larger potential customer audience
  • Connect with your preferred client base
  • Improved website traffic
  • Create more leads
  • More leads mean more sales and revenue

Why Social Media Marketing Is So Important
For Your Marijuana Dispensary

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Get An Engaged Audience

Creating an audience that engages with your content on social media is what matters the most and helps build brand awareness.

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Gain Loyal Customers

Want to keep customers up to date on what is going on at your dispensary? Keep them up to date on social media.

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Grow Your Community

Have a special message you want to get out there? Want to support the local community? There is no better way than social media.


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Why Blaze More For Your Cannabis
Social Media Marketing

Blaze More is a specialized dispensary marketing agency, offering services designed with cannabis in mind. Unlike a general digital marketing agency, we have a deep understanding of the cannabis industry and are laser-focused on your exact needs. Our social media strategies take into account rapid changes in the market since legalization. It is possible to reach both the curious beginner and the lifelong weed enthusiast, all with the same strategy. Learn about our social media marketing services and how we can help drive your digital success.

How Cannabis Social Media Marketing Can Grow Your Business

At Blaze More, we’re committed to helping local dispensaries succeed. 

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Social Media Strategy

At Blaze More, your branding always comes first. We build your entire social media strategy using your overall branding as a foundation. We consider your vision, values, and company goals. What are you hoping to accomplish with your brand? We keep more than next year’s metrics goals in mind—metrics are always important, but Blaze More is here to help you grow over the long term.


Your social media strategy should reflect your overall brand priorities. We’ll learn about your brand, priorities, and image to craft a personalized social media plan. Your posts will reflect key messaging while also capitalizing on the latest trends. This leads to a positive return on your investments, a growing user base, and promising options for the future.

Custom Cannabis Social Media Content

Your brand is one-of-a-kind, so you deserve unique content. You’ll never see anything cookie-cutter or predictable from Blaze More. Our experts craft all of your social media posts from scratch. You can count on uniquely written copy, custom illustrations and graphics, exclusive video content, and more. 


We also provide content that’s perfectly crafted for the modern marijuana enthusiast. There’s a fine line between parody and going overboard. We might hint at stoner stereotypes and pothead jokes if that’s appropriate for your branding, but we never fall into cliche. At Blaze More, we understand that today’s cannabis community is a wide-reaching, diverse group of people who use marijuana for many different reasons. Our content is inclusive, welcoming, and reflective of your users.

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Community Management

Posting content is only one part of the equation. Social media success is about community-building and conversations, both of which require active participation. Your brand needs to have a regular social media presence to attract and maintain customers. User comments, direct messages, tagged posts, and other forms of communication must be answered in a timely fashion. Many users also turn to social media to ask questions or air complaints. These comments also need to be addressed quickly to maintain the customer relationship.

This is a time-consuming task. Your brand is based around the joy of cannabis, not the joy of answering social media comments. Blaze More’s community management services allow you to focus on your more important work. We can handle the questions and comments while you continue innovating, developing, and growing.

Brand Integrations

Social media is only one aspect of your digital presence. Your social platforms need to work and play well with the rest of your online ecosystem, including your email marketing, paid ads, and SEO. We focus on creating cohesive campaigns that can easily transfer from social media to your other assets. 

We also know that many Canadian cannabis companies run brisk e-commerce operations. Whether you offer a digital dispensary model, mail-order marijuana, same-day delivery, curbside pickup, or any other digital transaction, Blaze More can help you drive traffic directly from social media. 

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Expanding Social Media Platforms

Sometimes it seems like there’s a new social media platform every week. It’s hard to keep up with all the new options, and even trickier to know which one will become a business necessity, and which one is a flash in the pan. Blaze More can handle platform expansion for you. We keep track of developing market trends so we can advise you on which accounts are must-haves, and which aren’t worth the resources. Once it’s time to expand to a new platform, we can also handle creating content that’s a great fit for the new format and audience.

Performance Analysis

Social media platforms offer a range of statistics, analytics, and other performance measures. Your accounts generate a vast amount of data that can quickly become overwhelming. Frustratingly, each platform uses its own metrics and there’s no clear way to translate performance from one account to another. 

Blaze More can help you make sense of your analytics to gain a clear understanding of your performance. We’ll provide a regular report that features all the important data, already synthesized and ready to discuss. Your analytics will be targeted to your key performance initiatives and brand goals, helping you understand your successes and opportunities. This reporting saves time and builds clarity regarding your campaigns

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Not All Social Media Is Created Equal

Selecting a marketing company that focuses on the cannabis industry is essential for your content and products to find the right prospective clients. Having a vibrant and energetic social media marketing presence is a vital tool for your cannabis dispensary. We can help develop or strengthen any existing ideas you may have and encourage the use of specific methods that the team at Blaze More knows will work because we’ve used them successfully for our cannabis-related clients.

The numbers confirm what we already know – social media is more prevalent than ever before. Now is the time to elevate or redefine your marijuana brand’s online presence to bolster your chances of being noticed and sought-after. 

  • The total number of social media users in 2021 has hit 72% of the world’s population
  • Facebook sees over 4.4 billion visitors every month
  • Instagram has over 500 million accounts active daily
  • Twitter has 199 million monetizable daily, active users
  • Over 2 billion people use YouTube.

Social media is used by all demographics and for a variety of reasons. With the appropriate strategy from the right marketing company, getting eyes on your services and products is becoming more and more straightforward.


More People Are Buying Cannabis Online
Than Ever Before


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are close to 150 million users of cannabis globally, and as more places in the world start to change laws and shift attitudes towards cannabis, this number is sure to rise.

In 2017, cannabis users in North America alone spent close to $9 billion on legal cannabis. The revenue from worldwide cannabis sales is forecasted to hit $46.8 billion by 2025, with a large portion of those sales being online. Canada has become a country of cannabis connoisseurs who are constantly looking to buy high-quality products from Canadian companies. For example, in March of 2021, over 11.5 million packaged units of cannabis were sold across Canada for medical and recreational purposes. A massive industry is just ramping up, and you can find your way into it with the right social media strategies.

Convenience has become a pivotal component to most customer bases. Giving current and potentially new customers the ability to see what your brand brings to the relatively new world of legal cannabis products is a vital factor that will contribute to your company’s future growth.

The Keys To A Successful
Social Media Presence

After forming a complete list of expected goals and outcomes, Blaze More will look at your current or proposed target audience.

  • Understanding who you are trying to reach is imperative for knowing where resources should be directed.
  • Knowing your clientele is the most accurate way to building a positive social media strategy.
  • Knowing what customers are looking for and where they may look enables you to promote and market in the right areas.
  • Customer awareness also allows you to become a brand and not just a faceless company.

Formulating a social media strategy unique to your cannabis brand is what distinguishes Blaze More from other marketing companies. We grasp the concept behind what each social media platform can offer your cannabis business and know how to give your brand the best possible chance of being seen by the right people.

Marketing has altered dramatically from the days of intrusive, traditional styles where customers felt bombarded with unwanted or gratuitous imagery that doesn’t speak to them. Working with Blaze More grants you access to a new way of promoting and building your brand through long-lasting connections, so clients will feel appreciated and continue to be a part of your customer base for years to come. Staying relevant and continuously in the thoughts of cannabis users raises the chances of repeat business.


Blaze More Harvests Higher Results
Than Other Marketing Agencies


Blaze More has been involved in the cannabis marketing business since the early beginnings of the legalization process. Since 2019, we’ve been helping companies expand and intensify their online presence. We have cultivated proven digital marketing techniques that we are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the rapidly changing cannabis environment.

Blaze More’s focus is solely on cannabis marketing. It’s our passion to help companies in the industry see their desired results come to fruition and for them to succeed and thrive for years to come. We will work tirelessly to guarantee that you find your place in the cannabis landscape and stand high above your competitors.

Ready to uncover a client base who are waiting to discover their new favourite cannabis company? Contact us today to discuss how Blaze More can help your company’s social media marketing hit its stride.

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