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In this world of social media and strategic promotional strategies, email still holds a valuable place in digital marketing. Email marketing is low-cost, practical and beneficial to any cannabis-based business trying to build its customer base and create brand awareness. Once you get potential clients and have built an established email list, you can quickly alert those clients to new products, promos and any critical information regarding your business.

What Is Cannabis Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the process of using emails to reach your audience. You can do this through newsletters or email blasts and messages can be formed for marketing products or services, or just sharing valuable or relevant information about your dispensary. It can be very profitable for dispensaries to use email marketing.

This can be one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with your customers to offer upsells and special offerings. 

It might seem outrageous, but emails have been around since the early 1970s! Although it wasn’t fully utilized until the 90s, email has been a popular marketing tool for the past few decades, and its value is still felt to companies who know how to use the medium correctly. Here’s how we know:

A quick glimpse of email history tells us that:

Email marketing is not outdated. It’s just been altered to suit the needs of today’s companies, and at Blaze More, we work alongside you to help your cannabis business get the most out of your email marketing campaign.


Why Email Marketing Is So Important For Your Dispensary

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Keep Customers Up To Date

Are some favourite products running out of stock? Or you just got new stock? The best way to let your customers know is via email marketing. Just make sure they open the email.

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Reengage Customers

Want to keep your current customers coming back for more? Keep them up to date on their favourite products and new stock coming in with email marketing campaigns.

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Very Cost-Effective

Email marketing is one of the easiest and cheapest way to get in front of your customers. All you need to do is get them to open the email. That's where we come in.

Although it’s one of the oldest platforms for reaching your audience today, email is still taken very seriously by its users — adults and teenagers alike. For many, it is their primary mode of professional communication. For this reason, a majority of marketers believe that an email campaign is just as powerful to their digital marketing strategy and in some cases, more powerful than any other campaign.


Ready to start building an email list?

How Email Marketing Can Help Your Business

It might seem as simple as putting a list together and sending out emails to those on that list. But a tactical email marketing strategy is more complicated than that and can lead to several positive outcomes. Email marketing can:

  • Help you develop and form strong, constructive relationships
  • Encourage your subscribers to easily send your emails to family or friends, which helps increase your potential customer base even more
  • Boost sales through the use of promotions and coupon codes
  • Help build brand recognition through frequent exposure
  • Foster repeat purchases from existing customers
  • Strengthen brand loyalty.

What Makes Email Marketing So Effective

Marketing is an integral part of any successful business, so using all of the tools that are accessible to you is crucial. Email marketing is valuable to cannabis businesses and cannabis dispensaries for several reasons.

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Email marketing is a low-cost option that can offer an extremely high ROI. It doesn’t take long to set up, so fewer start-up costs and less employee time are needed to monitor the process. This makes this method of marketing very useful to small companies, start-ups and other businesses in the cannabis industry in which resources are already stretched thin.

Proven Success Rate

As anyone with an email address can attest, email campaigns effectively reach the desired target audience. Things like newsletters, ongoing promos and undated information regarding products and services keep potential new and established customers aware of your brand and keeps you in their minds.


Data drives virtually everything we do. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of commerce. Being able to measure critical elements of your business helps guide the decisions you make daily.

With our email marketing services, we’ll keep tabs on your open rates. This is the easiest way to determine if your emails are hitting the mark with your customer base, which can help you decide if your subject line needs to be altered or if your content strategy needs to be changed. A solid email marketing strategy for cannabis dispensaries is malleable, so you can modify it when you need to, based on engagement levels.

Get Personal

Email can be personalized in a way that other forms of marketing can’t achieve. You can use segmentation to ensure the right message to the right audience. Names can be added to increase the level of personalization between you and your recipients. Emails can be sent at times that correspond to the receiver’s geological location. People like to feel valued and important. These slight adjustments can mean significant results when done strategically.

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Outside forces control other social media and communication platforms. With email marketing, you control the content, frequency and voice of what you send out about your cannabis products or services. No one but yourself can dictate how you communicate with your subscribers, so you remain in control of your marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Has Evolved

Email marketing has evolved quickly from its simple roots. Gone are the days of a “batch and blast” style email in which every subscriber receives the same message. Predictive measures were a significant turning point for email strategies (that’s where data is used to anticipate future behaviours of your customers), but this method still has its flaws.

We are in the time of agile email marketing. This approach means emails can be updated even when they are opened, and they can be tailored to each subscriber’s location, time zone, device and social graph.

A One-Two Marketing Punch

To increase your cannabis company’s ability to manage an online marketing strategy successfully, email and social media marketing should be a part of your plan. Email holds an advantage over social media in the sense that not everyone sees something that is posted on your social platforms. An email will sit and wait until it’s read or deleted.

Social media and email marketing should be done in tandem to help promote each other. Your social media accounts can drive customers to your emails and vice versa. Blaze More is excited to offer both forms of marketing to your cannabis company in a comprehensive, customized way that’s tailored to your business and the uniqueness of the cannabis industry itself.

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Choose A Marketing Team That Has Evolved With The Times

Blaze More has been involved in cannabis marketing since the very beginning. We have evolved with the legislation and understand what it takes to get your products and services in front of the right people. Let us help you build your brand to focus on what matters – growing your business and obtaining a more extensive customer base.

Schedule a call today, and let’s talk about what marketing strategies are right for your business and how you can outshine and out-sell your competition. Let’s talk about bringing your distinctive cannabis products and services to the world.

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