How Went From 0 To Over 500 Social Media Followers In 30 Days For Ancaster Joint


Ancaster Joint is a locally owned and operated cannabis store operating in Ancaster, Ontario. They first opened their doors to the community back in 2019 and were one of the first cannabis stores to open in the Hamilton area.


The Problem

Opening a cannabis store in a medium-sized city has its own unique challenges. One of which was making sure that people knew that they existed and that they were open. But another significant problem sprung up even before they opened their doors for the first time as the community was not really happy that a cannabis store was opening up in their town.


The Solution

Since no one was searching for a cannabis store in Ancaster yet, the best way for Ancaster Joint to get their message out there and to get people to learn about them was through targeted marijuana dispensary social media marketing, primarily Facebook and Instagram. Blaze More helped created all their social media profiles and set them up correctly according to all the health and safety guidelines that are placed on dispensaries from the Ontario government.


The Results

By using social media to educate and inform the community about cannabis products and what Ancaster Joint stood for, their Facebook page and Instagram account started to get more and more likes and followers each and every day.

We created a grand opening social media campaign that helped them get a flood of customers as soon as they opened their doors.

There was some bad news though, as by the end of the second day, they had sold out of some what would become their most popular products. But that is a good problem to have.


The Proof

Ancaster Joint Social Media Analytics
Ancaster Joint Facebook Metrics