10 Email Marketing Tips For Cannabis Dispensaries

Cannabis Email Marketing Tips

10 Email Marketing Tips For Cannabis Dispensaries


With over 4 billion email users daily, email marketing remains the best marketing strategy for any business.

In fact, email marketing provides businesses with the highest and most measurable return on investment (ROI) compared to other marketing tools. According to Research, the average ROI via email marketing is $42 for every $1 spent.

Unfortunately, email marketing for cannabis dispensaries is one of the most overlooked marketing tools. Most cannabis businesses are not aware that email marketing is the only legal and most effective marketing tool. Since companies can’t advertise cannabis products on TV or social media, emails remain the only viable option.

As a marijuana brand, you have a tremendous opportunity to leverage the competitive advantage offered by email campaigns. But how exactly do you use email to promote your cannabis dispensary?

Below are three principles and ten email marketing tips that should guide you in marketing your brand. We’ll also look at the examples of emails that you should send to your potential customers.

3 Principles of Successful Cannabis Email Marketing

As an email marketer, there is a set of rules that should guide you while launching your email campaigns. As we’ll below, you have to use the three discussed principles to create a relevant marketing strategy. 

a)     Use permission marketing only

Just like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter, Email is thought of as direct communication. Thus, sending non-permitted messages to individuals via email is regarded as spam.

You should only send your email campaigns to individuals who have subscribed to your emailing list – people who know and expect your emails. This helps to prevent your email from landing in the spam messages folder where it’s rarely opened.

Please note that having an individual’s email doesn’t mean you have the permission to send them a promotional message. You should seek permission to send the messages, which the customer should agree to by subscribing to your mailing list.

b)    Avoid landing your emails on the spam folder

The spam section is the last place you would your email to land. Email users rarely open emails classified as spam. Thus, creating emails that will end up in the spam folder means that you’re wasting your time, money, and other resources.

To avoid the Gmail spam filter, you should:

  • Check your content
  • Create an opt-in subscription process
  • Use private domains or dedicated IP addresses
  • Keep track of your engagement metrics
  • Make unsubscribing easy and quick

Following these simple strategies will make your money, efforts, and other resources worthwhile.

c)     Don’t forget segmentation

In sales and marketing, segmentation involves subdividing a market of potential customers into segments or groups based on their locations, age, or character traits. The created segments contain individuals with similar needs or interests who respond similarly to the same marketing strategies.

This email strategy works well in the cannabis business and can help you reach potential and willing buyers quickly. Create emails with targeted messages and share them with your audience according to their interests, location, age, or needs.

Note: Ignoring the three principles is like hitting the “unsubscribe” button for your customers. It’ll only guarantee you a failure.

Dispensary Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing tips for marijuana dispensaries

Email marketing is the lifeline for cannabis dispensaries. Without it, most marijuana businesses wouldn’t even be existing. If you aren’t already using email marketing for your business, you should consider starting. Below are some of the top tips you should use to kickstart your email marketing campaigns:

1.     Know your audience

Perhaps the best tip for your cannabis dispensaries is knowing your customers or audiences. It gives you a peek into what products or services they need. Besides, they help you to figure out the kind of messages or content your audience cares about.

Once you know what content interests your audience, you can create emails with targeted messages. These help you to successfully market and sell your products to your target customers, broadening your reach to similar audiences.

2.     Build a list

Remember about ‘permission marketing’? This is where it comes into play. Build a list of subscribers to whom you’ll be sending your promotional messages. Be creative on the ways of getting customers to subscribe to your mailing list. 

For instance, you may offer the customers something valuable, like coupons, a subscription to free newsletters, or an eBook, in return for subscribing to your mailing list. You can equally use your social media accounts to request your followers to subscribe.

3.     Personalize your emails

Personalized emails are 26% more likely to be opened by the recipient and deliver 6x higher transaction rates. Why? Because people are more willing to do business with individuals rather than brands.

Personalizing your emails helps you to get higher engagement. You can use the clients’ first names while addressing them and compose a message that feels like you’re talking to them face-to-face.  Also, consider using your personal name while signing off.

If it’s a repeat client, use their past purchase information to draft a more engaging email.

4.     Sell solutions, not products

Remember that it’s your customers’ problems that led them to your article or website. It means they were looking for a solution to their problem and found themselves subscribing to your mailing list to get an answer.

Track the place from which your potential client subscribed to your mail list. For instance, if the client subscribed to your mailing list from an article, read it to understand their problem and draft an email that addresses this challenge or problem.

5.     Enhance email deliverability

You want to make sure your email doesn’t end up in the spam folder, which is why you should request your subscribers to whitelist your email address. This means that all your emails will reach the recipient through the inbox folder.

6.     Segment your audience

Segmentation involves dividing a market of prospects into groups based on age, location, interests, and behaviors. This helps you in customizing emails to make them highly relevant to the recipient. For instance, you can put the individuals who buy marijuana products for medicinal purposes in one group and create another one made up of those who purchase it for entertainment purposes.

Besides, segmenting your emails helps you to reach far more prospects with similar interests or behaviors.

7.     Create valuable content

Google crawlers or bots that classify your email as either credible or junk looks for specific phrases or words within the message. Creating a valuable email is key to ensuring your email ends up in the inbox folder. For instance, you can avoid the foul words associated with cannabis.

Also, sending mind-capturing emails with valuable content sends a positive message to the client. It speaks a lot about you. It’s your first point of interaction, remember? Thus, make a point of creating professional, informative, helpful, entertaining, and well-thought content.

8.     Optimize for mobile

It’s evident that emails are mostly opened through mobile phones. In fact, research shows that 60% of emails are opened through mobile devices.

Thus, make all your emails mobile-friendly so that your prospects can easily read your message.

9.     Include a Call to Action section

Your email’s content will be almost irrelevant if you don’t include a call to action (CTA) button. Emails without a call to action are most probably deleted and their sender marked as spam.

So, include a CTA button in your email to guide prospects on their next course of action. It could be to go to your website or make a purchase.

10.  Survey and review emails

Review emails and survey invitations are among the easiest way to get honest feedback from your clients. Include a link in your email that requests your customers to answer several questions. You can use Google Forms to collect feedback from clients or any other survey administration software.

Always add an incentive for completing the survey or sending a review email. You can then use the feedback collected from this survey to create personalized emails.

Cannabis Email Marketing Tips

Examples of emails dispensaries can send

Unsure of what types of emails you can send to your subscribers? Read on to get informed so you don’t get overwhelmed when launching your email marketing campaigns next time!

a)     Welcome emails

Welcome emails are sent to welcome a customer aboard and set the stage for future communication. Introduce your brand and products in this email and show the recipient why they should be part of your cannabis dispensary.

b)    Direct emails

Direct emails are all the emails sent to your entire subscriber list. The primary purpose of these emails is to say “hello” and offer product updates, price cuts, bundles, or a new product announcement.

Although these emails are general, you can still subdivide them based on recipients’ age, location, or behaviors to increase engagement.

c)     Dispensary newsletter

These are the newsletters sent to your mailing list through email. Newsletters look to serve three leading roles, including creating and increasing brand awareness, giving updates, and encouraging individuals to make purchases.

d)    Transactional emails

Often regarded as the most relevant emails to your subscribers, transactional emails are the emails you send to your subscribers based on their activities on your website. The action could be a purchase they made or an item they added to their shopping cart.


With over 4 billion daily email users, email marketing remains among the most effective strategies in any industry. That’s why employing it in your marketing campaigns is worth the effort, money, and time. If you’re just getting started with a cannabis dispensary, this post offers your 10 of the best email marketing tips for your business. Good luck as you purpose to apply them!

Want to keep you customers informed and coming back for more? Contact us today and let’s talk about setting up an email marketing campaign that works.

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